Affordable Nintendo Switch Model Coming in September

By: Bryce L. Jackson

Nintendo revealed the oft-rumored affordable Nintendo Switch Lite, its price point, and its specs.

images (16).jpeg

The Nintendo Switch Lite will sell for $199.99 and features a 5.5in screen, boasts a 20-30% improved battery life, and 3 unique base colors of Grey, Yellow and Turquoise. Designed for purely handheld play, the Switch Lite does not have docking functionality or the detachable joy-cons with HD rumble, but have included a directional pad on the left side of the device.

Nintendo made a note to double check which games will be compatible with the Switch Lite because games that require the Joy-Con’s HD Rumble like 1-2 Switch and Mario Party will not be supported.

download (14).jpeg

There will also be a special edition Switch Lite for Pokemon Sword and Shield release when the games are launched. Games will be sold separately.

Nintendo Switch Lite will launch on September 20th, 2019.