Confirmed Properties for Disney+ at Launch

Bryce L. Jackson

We finally got a confirmed launch date for Disney+, the company’s entry into the streaming service business. With decades of Disney-branded original works, as well as content from years of acquisitions, it may be difficult to keep track of exactly what will be available when the service goes live November 12th, 2019. Here’s a quick look at what will be on Disney+.

Walt Disney Pictures Properties

Original Walt Disney Animation Studios properties that were placed in The Disney Vault like Snow White, Dumbo, Cinderella, and many other classics will become available again in Disney+ along with the modernized versions of the classic movies like Lion King, Dumbo, Jungle Book, etc. Along with Disney Animation movies, Pixar Animation Movies and Shorts will also be available. Spin-off shows based on larger movie properties are being discussed for future additions. Disney has confirmed a Monsters Inc.. show with Billy Crystal and John Goodman returning. Two Toy Story spin-off shows are also in the works

Disney Channel movies and TV shows like Malcolm in the Middle, Xenon, and thousands of hours of other Disney Channel content will be available at launch.

Star Wars Properties

The Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy, New Trilogy, and Spin-Off movies Solo and Rogue One will be added to Disney+ by 2020. Disney will also be producing multiple Star Wars spin off TV Shows, The Mandalorian, Season 7 of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be brought back, and a new show starring Cassian Andor and K-2S0 from Rogue One was also announced for Disney+ at Star Wars Celebration 2019.

Marvel Properties

With the acquisition of Marvel Comics in 2009, Disney has made a cinematic Titan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anything under the banner of Marvel Cinematic Universe will be available at launch. Disney will also produce Marvel TV shows using some of the heroes from the movies. So far, a Winter Soldier and Falcon show, Loki, and a Scarlet Witch and Vision called WandaVision, and a Hawkeye show have all been confirmed and have shown logo art. The Defenders heroes however will not be available at launch as time has not expired yet with Netflix and will have a grace period before they can possibly join the other Marvel heroes.

FOX and National Geographic

In March 2019, the Disney and FOX $71 Billion merger finally became official. Disney gains TV entertainment properties like The Simpsons and other FOX TV Shows, FX, and National Geographic and movie assets like the Fox Marvel heroes like the X-Men and Deadpool.

Pricing and Platforms

Disney+ will start at $6.99/month or $69.99/annually at launch, The company teased that there could potentially be bundle packages that will include ESPN+ and Hulu (with the FOX merger they gain 60% stake)