Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Flexes Depth, Visuals, and Grit

By: Bryce L. Jackson

Call of Duty aims to please with its multiplayer debut event. The event staring pro-COD players and streamers showed off the new game mechanics and game modes.

The event highlighted the new 2v2 mode “Gunfight”, realistic mode, the return of killstreaks, featuring either re-imaginings of classic killstreaks like the Recon Drone or brand new killstreaks like the Juggernaut. Also, more multiplayer details like automatic healing, time-to-kill, physics, lighting and the importance of the night vision goggles and aiming were all on display for veteran COD players to decipher for themselves.

Killstreaks Reward List

Personal Radar - 3 kills

Counter UAV - 4 kills

UAV - 4 kills

Care Package - 4 kills

Cluster Strike - 5 kills

Cruise Missile - 5 kills

Precision Airstrike - 5 kills

Wheelson - 7 kills

Infantry Assault Vehicle - 7 kills

Emergency Airdrop - 8 kills

VTOL Jet - 8 kills

Chopper Gunner - 10 kills

White Phosphorus - 10 kills

Support Helo - 11 kills

Gunship -12 kills

Advanced UAV - 12 kills

Juggernaut - 15 kills


Gun customization has more depth than ever in this iteration. When showing off the Gunsmith customization area, they showed off customizing the M4A1 Assault Rifle with up to 60 different options between the sights, stock, and barrel. Skin editing will also be a feature in the final release of the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will release October 25th, 2019. There will be multiple beta testing periods before release. Pre-order holders on PS4 will get first dibs on September 12th-13th, non-preorder PS4 players will have access September 14th-16th. Remaining platform open beta will be September 19th-20th for preorders and September 21st-23rd.