Cancelled Marvel Shows Will NOT be on Disney+

By: Bryce L. Jackson

The street heroes of Marvel’s TV shows will not be moving to Disney+ as anticipated… at least for now.

According to Variety, sources familiar with the deal between Marvel and Netflix report that there is a clause in the contract between the two entities that prevent Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil from showing up in any non-Netflix platform for 2 years after their cancellation. For the aforementioned shows, that means 2020 at earliest.

Jessica Jones is now the odd woman out in terms of the original 4 and it is expected that that show will also be axed after its 3rd Season that is scheduled for some time in 2019 and thus delay any potential Disney+ revival to 2021.

The Punisher was recently announced to air its Season 2 in January but because it was not apart of the deal as the original 4 shows, there is no word that the agreement holds such a clause.

When it first was announced that Iron Fist and Luke Cage would not return to Netflix, conjecture in the industry and among quickly associated the move to a potential revival to the catalog of Disney’s new streaming service launching in 2019. With the cancellation of Daredevil even after a well-received 3rd season, those assumptions gained more steam. With this new development throwing those claims into question, it also starts questions if Disney will patiently sit on these properties while they run out the clock on the clause.