'Joker' Scored $93.5M In Its Opening Weekend Earning The Biggest October Opening Of All Time

by: James A. Barnes

‘Joker’ earned $93.5M this weekend, beating Venom to become the biggest October opening of all time. The film also earned $140.5M at the international box office and has earned $234M at the worldwide box office.

The film has been met with a lot of controversy as some movie goers believe that the film is glorifying violence and making excuses for the mass shootings that have been happening all across america.

I’ve seen the film four times now and there is nothing about it that glorifies violence. The film is a character study on a person’s descent into madness and the events that can lead you there. The film also explores how people with mental illnesses are viewed and treated in society.

‘Joker’ reminded me why I love going to the movies. Joaquin Phoenix gives the best performance of the year in this film and deserves to be nominated for Best Actor. Todd Phillips directed the shit out of this movie and should be nominated for Best Director, and the film itself should be nominated for Best Original Score, Best Cinematography, and Best Picture. 

As the credits rolled, I sat in my seat in absolute awe of this film and I urge everyone to see the film and form your own opinion.