Kawada's Hinomaru Sumo Manga Is Coming To An End

by: James A. Barnes

The 34th issue of Shonen Jump published the final chapter of Kawada’s Hinomaru Sumo on Monday. The 27th volume of the manga is set to ship out in October and the 28th and final volume is set to ship out this December.

A 24 episode anime series was inspired by the manga and premiered in October of 2018 on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll Synopsis

“The intense fight for the dream of yokozuna has begun. A new student has joined Odachi High School's weak sumo club, the small boy Ushio Hinomaru! Although his physique seems ill-suited to a fighting sport where size and weight rule, Hinomaru has an incredible dream. He and the weak sumo club will fight their way to the top! The intense battle of high school sumo has begun!”

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 34