Nintendo May Upgrade Your Switch

By: Bryce L. Jackson

Switch owners may be able to get the new model of the Nintendo Switch that has improved battery life.

Savvy Switch owners inquired to Nintendo about replacing the processor on their newly purchased Switch were met with offers to trade in their current model for the upgraded model. According to multiple Reddit users, a Switch bought after July 17th, 2019 may be eligible to trade-in and get the new model of Nintendo Switch for free. July 17th was when the new model of Switch was officially announced. The serial numbers for the new model for online purchases will begin with HAD: HADSKABAA (blue and red Joy-Con)/HADSKAAAA (Grey Joy-Con) or model number HAC-001(-01).

New Box Art for the Upgraded Switch (Nintendo)

New Box Art for the Upgraded Switch (Nintendo)

Owners will have to cover their own shipping and insurance costs. It is not currently known if this is a worldwide offer or how long said offer will last. Currently the offer seems to be extended to Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Canada regions.

For owners that don’t qualify for this upgrade, GameStop is running a trade-in promotion. GameStop will offer up to $225 in trade-in value for good condition old model Switches. Then customers will have to put in the remainder for their new Switch.