Overwatch Adds New Tank Hero Mad Scientist Sigma

By: Bryce L. Jackson

Overwatch has revealed who Hero 31 is: His name is Sigma. According to the Origin Story video released along with the announcement, Sigma is a scientist that has gone mad after an experiment involving the gravity of black holes. The results of the procedure seemed to have produced multiple versions of Sigma, one in a comatose state, one in his original form and an evil form that has joined the Talon organization, hinting that somehow in the Overwatch universe, a multiverse may exist.

As of writing, Blizzard Ent. has not added Sigma to the game’s Public Test Server, so we do not know what his kit is. It’s likely he will come on Tuesday, as that is normally Blizzard’s pattern of updating the game. In terms of the Overwatch League, it is unlikely he will be added to the league patch in the regular season since Stage 4 begins this week but he may be added by the time Playoffs starts.