Sony Announces PS5 Details and Release Season

By: Bryce L. Jackson

Sony is setting the release for the PlayStation 5 for the 2020 Holiday Season.

Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan released a blog post as well as giving WIRED a hands-on experience with a PS5 devkit. The blog post detailed more controller details for the new DualShock. The DualShock controllers will replace Rumble with a Haptic Feedback system, Adaptive Triggers for the L2/R2 buttons, an improved built-in speaker and will use USB-C for charging the new, longer-lasting battery.

In terms of the console itself, WIRED reported that the next-gen console will have an improved User Interface (UI). The PS5 will support ray-tracing, a graphics technique that produces greater, more realistic graphics rendering. The PS5 will also come with a Solid State Drive (SSD). As shown in leaked footage from earlier this year, an SSD will produce faster load times and startup time. WIRED reports that the PS5’s SSD will allow for a new method of game data storage. The SSD reportedly simplifies game storage that will allow for parts of games to be downloaded and either leaving the rest to be downloaded at a later time or discarded after completion of a campaign while still giving access to the multiplayer. The built-in size of the SSD was not revealed today by WIRED.

This new info begins to shape what we can expect from Sony’s next console leading up with a potential reveal at or around E3 2020.